[linux-dvb] Lifeview PCI TRIO DVB-S problems: can not tune half transponders, low SS and SNR

Vangelis Nonas vnonas at otenet.gr
Thu Nov 15 22:00:41 CET 2007

Hello Hermann,

Your suggestion helped a lot indeed. I can now get about 2000 services 
on Hotbird using scan from dvb-apps. Moreover the "reception" is better, 
SNR is about 90%, SS is around 50% or more and I dont often get high 
error rates. I also tested viewing channels and I can now see channels 
that didn't exist before. One minor negative side effect is that 
channelscan on vdr crashes.

However, I still can not tume to 12 transponders on hotbird (out of 94 
in total). These are the failing transponders:
 >>> tune to: 11334:h:S0.0W:27500: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 11373:h:S0.0W:27500: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 11432:v:S0.0W:27500: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 12264:v:S13.0E:27500: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 11954:h:S19.2E:27500: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 11597:v:S19.2E:22000: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 12480:v:S19.2E:27500: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 12500:v:S13.0E:27500: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 11533:v:S13.0E:27500: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 11996:v:S13.0E:27500: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 12722:h:S68.5E:26657: (tuning failed)
 >>> tune to: 11344:h:S8.0W:27500: (tuning failed)

Although the DVB-S part of the card is now much more usable. I feel 
there is still room for improvement of the Linux driver.

Any suggestions on how  to improve the "reception" further?

I have to mention here that I have a single LNB on my installation, no 
disecq, however the patch helped a lot.

Thank you

hermann pitton wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Mittwoch, den 14.11.2007, 21:36 +0000 schrieb Vangelis Nonas:
>> Hello,
>> I have been trying to use the DVB-S frontend of lifeview pci trio to 
>> scan and watch channels from Hotbird. I have the following two problems:
> please try again with that patch applied and report again.
> http://linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2007-June/018741.html
> I don't get a Medion Quad, not in the original triple bus master PCI
> slot, to behave well on supplying voltage and tone on a ISL6405ER, but
> with the RF loop through from an external receiver providing the missing
> I have more than thousand broadcasts available from Hotbird-13.OE.
> Cheers,
> Hermann
>> A) When I scan (using the scan utility from the hg tree, or the scan 
>> utility of my distribution) almost half of the transponders can not be 
>> tuned. I get the error tuning failed and of course almost half of 
>> Hotbitd's channels are not found. My transponders file is correct 
>> because it comes from my set top box which also runs linux :) or from hg 
>> dvb-apps or from other dvb software (e.g. prog dvb). I have also tried 
>> scanning with channelscan plugin of vdr with the same results. When I 
>> use kaffeine to scan for channels I get an Oops. I am attaching the 
>> output of my scan command using the scan util from dvb-apps fresh hg 
>> pull. (scan.log.gz)
>> B) When I use ready made channel lists downloaded from the internet I 
>> get low SNR and SS on almost half of the transponders and in some cases 
>> high error rate. When I use szap on those transponders I can not get a lock.
>> My kernel is:
>> Linux vagoshome 2.6.22-gentoo-r9 #1 SMP Tue Oct 30 16:02:08 UTC 2007 
>> i686 AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux
>> with a fresh hg mercurial pull and installation.
>> I attach also my dmesg as dmesg.log.gz
>> I also attach my lsmod as lsmod.log.gz
>> In case you need more info about the Oops I get when I scan from 
>> Kaffeine, I can reproduce it and send you the output.
>> The card works correctly under windows on the same machine, sat cable, dish.
>> Thank you
>> Vagelis
> .

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