[linux-dvb] Pinnacle PCTV HD Ultimate Stick

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Thu Nov 15 20:01:39 CET 2007

mkrufky at linuxtv.org wrote:
> Jeff Rosenberg wrote:
>> The Pinnacle PCTV HD Ultimate stick just came out (a couple of weeks 
>> ago). 
>> I looked in the Windoze .inf files and it appears that the drivers 
>> used are the same for the PCTV HD Pro and PCTV HD Ultimate.  I looked 
>> in the developmental build of DVB and saw that in the file 
>> em288x-cards.c there was the correct USB_DEVICE # of 0x2304 but the 
>> next value was not 0x0233.  I changed it and recompiled. 
>> When the driver loads it now has the following message in the kernel 
>> buffer log:
>> FIXME:em28xx_i2c_send_bytes(c2): write failed:
>> Any ideas ?  I am pretty sure the correct driver is the em28xx.
> As both Patrick and Markus explained, this device is not empia hardware, 
> and the code that supports it is located inside dib0700_devices.c -- 
> you'll want to edit dvb-usb-ids.h
> Also, please do not top-post.

However, Jeff will still need xc5000 support .... the dib0700 is purely
the usb bridge .... while, I'm guessing that the stick uses a xc5000, I
believe that it is indeed a pretty safe bet (given other factors)

> Interesting... In which case, then I'm probably wrong, and it's not an 
> xc5000.  Do you know WHICH dibcom tuner?  Is it a 7070?

It definitely won't be from Dibicom --- no support for ATSC

> Hi-res digital photos are always helpful  :-)   If you can take photos,
> please post them to a website (like bttv-gallery) and post links here.

Jeff, if you take a photo, could you please up load it to the LinuxTV wiki:
(Please also use an appropriate filename)

If you wish to submit it too bttv-gallery too, go ahead, but
i) as was noted on the m/l last month, Gunther (bttv-gallery's
proprietor) hasn't been around for ages
ii) doing so alone would continue the trend of a fractured distribution
of information regarding Linux & PC tvtuners.

Linuxtv should become the one stop shop. We don't need to compete with
ourselves, so lets make requests for photos to the wiki please.

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