[linux-dvb] Twinhan and Turbosight ????

chazim chazim at bellsouth.net
Sat Nov 17 14:36:20 CET 2007

Did Twinhan buy up a Turbosight designed receiver? In my stumbling 
around eBay, I came across a unit listing very similar to the TBS Q-Box 
unit unit I bought.
The eBay item listing (ended):
listing it at a Twinhan 2020a.
To investigate, I googled up the receivers numbers as "Twinhan 2020a", 
and, found this translated page:
I then looked on Twinhan's site, but, I have found no reference to this 
model appearing yet. Noting that Twinhan is one of the few OEM that 
recognize the Linux community, by posting Linux drivers. I'd like to 
confirm that the two models are in fact the same unit. Will this be 
indicated by the PID, VID and firmware offsets matching? What changes 
will Twinhan be likely to make, other than the case design?
What changes will occur to entries here, and in the V4L kernel? Do they 
merge, or, will it the new receiver number become a separate header entry?
And what do I watch for when this starts to happen?

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