[linux-dvb] help with DTV1000S (NXP 18271 + 10048 + 7130)?

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Sat Nov 17 16:37:01 CET 2007

Lee Jackson wrote:
> Well typically I was trying to avoid the hassle with capture cards by getting a reasonably ancient DTV1000T but ended up receiving a DTV1000S *grump* 
> I thought at £20 it was too good to be true ;) 
> Specs are at : http://www.leadtek.com.tw/eng/tv_tuner/specification.asp?pronameid=382&lineid=6&act=2
> Now Ive worked through the wiki and the faq, hacked away at different combinations of commands and tried to get some understanding of what I'm doing; 
> however Ive reached the point where I could use some assistance to head in the right direction please :)
> Ive grabbed the latest drivers as detailed at http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/How_to_install_DVB_device_drivers, 
> however this card still isn't recognized so its incorrectly auto-detected. I did by accident get composite input working via "modprobe 
> saa7134 card=21 tuner=0" but I've had no luck with the dvb. 
> I understand Mr Markus Rechberger has been working on support for the 18271 chipset but I cant seem to come up with any combination of
> drivers that result in the cards digital tuner being recognized. So at this point ANY help or assistance greatly appreciated.

No, I wrote the tda18271 driver.

There currently is no support for the TDA10048 channel decoder, so you will not yet be able to use digital mode.

Unless you also have a TDA8290 or TDA8295 on that board (or a saa7131) , then you won't be able to watch analog television, either.



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