[linux-dvb] help with DTV1000S (NXP 18271 + 10048 + 7130)?

Lee Jackson leej at morphemass.com
Sat Nov 17 22:02:32 CET 2007

Michael Krufky wrote:
> Lee Jackson wrote:
>> Well typically I was trying to avoid the hassle with capture cards by getting a reasonably ancient DTV1000T but ended up receiving a DTV1000S *grump* 
>> I thought at £20 it was too good to be true ;) 
>> Specs are at : http://www.leadtek.com.tw/eng/tv_tuner/specification.asp?pronameid=382&lineid=6&act=2
>> Now Ive worked through the wiki and the faq, hacked away at different combinations of commands and tried to get some understanding of what I'm doing; 
>> however Ive reached the point where I could use some assistance to head in the right direction please :)
>> Ive grabbed the latest drivers as detailed at http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/How_to_install_DVB_device_drivers, 
>> however this card still isn't recognized so its incorrectly auto-detected. I did by accident get composite input working via "modprobe 
>> saa7134 card=21 tuner=0" but I've had no luck with the dvb. 
>> I understand Mr Markus Rechberger has been working on support for the 18271 chipset but I cant seem to come up with any combination of
>> drivers that result in the cards digital tuner being recognized. So at this point ANY help or assistance greatly appreciated.
> No, I wrote the tda18271 driver.
> There currently is no support for the TDA10048 channel decoder, so you will not yet be able to use digital mode.
> Unless you also have a TDA8290 or TDA8295 on that board (or a saa7131) , then you won't be able to watch analog television, either.
> Sorry,
> Mike
Ahhh, Sorry for the mis-attribution Mike. Many thanks for a piece of the 
jigsaw :)

There is a saa7130 on board which is probably what is allowing me to 
view the composite input and I have had static from the Television input 
when using a few of the different card options (however Ive no idea how 
to tune an analogue card, I'll have to look that up) so it may be 
possible to get the entire analogue shebang working (though I'm not 

The lack of TDA10048 support is disappointing but rather expected. I 
notice there is support for the 10045/6 (tda1004x) and I had a quick 
look at the source but it looked a little less trivial than adding an 
extra #define sadly :(

So is my only way forward watching this list for someone to start 
working on support for this?



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