[linux-dvb] A link DTU advice needed

Ben Bucksch news at bucksch.org
Sun Nov 18 00:38:34 CET 2007

Antti Palosaari schrieb:
> I am sorry, looks like this *ucking mailing list (or Thunderbird but
> not most likely) does some white space cleaning and it breaks patch!
> Who knows why?

Because your patch (wrongly) has Windows lineendings (before sending).
The attachment is plaintext, and so it's allowed to change lineendings
to network convention of and Unix lineendings - that's exactly the
difference between "plaintext" and "binary" during transmission. In
fact, the result is better than if it was sent as-is, because other
people on Unix would have a slight problem applying your patch with
Windows lineendings.

In short:
- Set your text editor to Windows lineendings
- Nothing was broken

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