[linux-dvb] szap2

Ola Ekedahl ola.ekedahl at fra.se
Mon Nov 19 14:58:25 CET 2007

Hi everyone,

I'm having some small troubles with the szap2 application downloaded 
from here: http://dev.kewl.org/hvr4000/utils/

It gets a LOCK on my signal and everything, but if I for some reason 
lose the signal (if I want to force the problem to occure I simply pull 
the signal), and then get the signal back, just a couple of seconds 
later, szap2 won't LOCK again. I need to restart szap2 to get a LOCK again.

Is this a known problem, or am I doing something wrong?

(sorry if this has been asked before, I'm new to the ML).

Best regards

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