[linux-dvb] I2C NAKs and fails to respond during init of TDA18211

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Nov 20 18:44:58 CET 2007

On Nov 20, 2007 6:23 AM, Scott Merrilees <scott at merrilees.net> wrote:
> Since you are talking about tda182x, I have had some issues in this
> area, and some with the i2c setup too.
> I have a lifewalker usb dual digital tuner, which uses
> tda827x                 8324  2
> tda1004x               17028  2
> dvb_usb_m920x          18308  1
> Mike Krufky, you said you didn't have a dual dvb you could test with
> the tda back port.  I do have one it seems, and I would like to get a
> working dual tuner option back into the mainline kernel. I can build
> and test kernels/modules, though my familiarity with the linux-dvb
> modules is low, it could improve with a few pointers.
> --
> Scott Merrilees, Newcastle, Australia


We were talking about the tda18271 / tda18211 silicon tuner, which has
nothing to do with the older tda8275 / tda8275a tuners that you are
asking about.

The tda18271, like some other tuners, can be daisy-chained using a
single rf input and crystal for multiple tuners.  This feature is not
yet supported in the linux driver, but it would be simple to add.

Your dual tuner device is of an entirely different design.  Also, FYI,
if you try using today's mercurial repository, you will hit a NULL
pointer dereference ...  I've fixed this in my tree:


...but I have to clean it up a bit before it gets merged.

unrelated:  Newcastle is absolutely my favorite beer, although I'm not
sure if they make it in Australia or somewhere else...

I can't help you with your dual tuner problem -- I am not at all
familiar with your device.  There is a guy on irc that you might want
to ask -- his nick is "elronxenu" ... or something similar.

Good Luck...


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