[linux-dvb] Artec T14BR DVB-T

Yousef Lamlum yousef.lists at youseflamlum.com
Wed Nov 21 01:15:07 CET 2007


Being the impatient so and so that I am, I cracked open my Artec T14BR
to have  proper look inside.  Turns out it uses the same chipset combo
that DiBcomm's STK7070-P reference design uses. After downloading the
v4l-dvb source and making a few additions I now have a working T14BR on
my Ubuntu box!

Seeing as I'm probably not going to be the only one who owns a T14BR,
how can I add my minor changes to dib0700_devices.c and dvb-usb-ids.h
back to the mercurial repository for others to use?  This is the first
time I've become involved with an open source project so go easy on me
if this is a really obvious question!

Many thanks,


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