[linux-dvb] Artec T14BR patches (was "Adding patches to main repository")

Yousef Lamlum yousef.lists at youseflamlum.com
Thu Nov 22 02:33:44 CET 2007

Thanks Antti,

I'm not sure what is meant by a signed-off line, but here are minor
changes that add support for Artec T14BR (by treating it as DiBcomm's
STK7070-P reference design on which it seems to be based).

Thanks for the pointers, this newbie appreciates it.

Cheers, Yousef.

Antti Palosaari wrote:
> Yousef Lamlum wrote:
>> Could anyone please point me in the right direction with regards to
>> adding a patch to the the v4l-dvb project? Yesterday I added support for
>> the Artec T14BR and would like to share these minor changes with the
>> rest of the community.
> If it is only minor change adding new usb-ids then make patch and send
> it to this list with signed-off line of yours. CC/TO module authors and
> persons who are done changes to file in question lastly. Ask help same
> persons and cross your fingers  :)
> regards
> Antti
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