[linux-dvb] DIB 7070P reported as DIB 7000PC

Yousef Lamlum yousef.lists at youseflamlum.com
Thu Nov 22 21:27:46 CET 2007


My DVB device (Artec T14BR) uses the DiBcom 7070P frontend, however
v4l-dvb is reporting the device as being based on a 7000PC frontend.

The device still works, however the tuner does not seem anywhere near as
sensitive as the MT2060 in my now deceased Freecom device. In fact
running scan just results in filter timeouts, which means I end up
having to use my old channels.conf as produced by my Freecom stick (RIP).

Can anyone shed any light on why the device might be reporting itself as
having a 7000 frontend? And might this be related to the relatively poor
tuner sensitivity?


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