[linux-dvb] Asus p7131Hybrid: help me using an internal patch cable?

Paolo Dell'Aquila paoloyes at tin.it
Fri Nov 23 18:16:33 CET 2007

hermann pitton wrote:

> the remote should work perfectly as well.

Yes it works... but I don't use it.

> Also, after testing a whole bunch of other cards in this league
> recently, it has a exceptional reception performance compared to others.

Yes, I'm quite happy with the performance of this card.

> There was one more report I remember, that analog from the on board 4pin
> connector doesn't work, either all others did never test and/or it is
> true.

I agree with that report: I tried everything but I couldn't let the 
internal 4pin connector to work.

Next week I hope to test it with the electronic tester  to see if ther 
is some signals on those pins.

I will let you know if there is something or not.

Thank you for your help!


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