[linux-dvb] Freecom rev 4 14aa:0160

Thomas Munro munro at ip9.org
Sat Nov 24 00:55:47 CET 2007


A couple have people have recently asked about the revision 4 Freecom USB
stick 14aa:0160.  The Windows CD that came with mine has a file called
RTL2831UUSB.sys, so I assume this is a RealTek RTL2831U chipset and this
matches what other people have said.  Yesterday on the linux-kernel mailing
list the following interesting message appeared:

> Anyway - here's the reason for my posting. I've got a kernel driver for
> the RTL2831U device (a DVB-T device) from Realtek. Just this morning, I
> got an email from them agreeing to release it under GPL.


I hope this means that these devices will soon become useful :-)

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