[linux-dvb] dvbnet & dvb-s2

Christian Prähauser cpraehaus at cosy.sbg.ac.at
Sat Nov 24 16:27:09 CET 2007

Hello Igor!

If the card uses the TS compatibility mode of DVB-S2, then dvbnet should 
work as usual (with MPE/ULE over TS over DVB-S2 Base-band frames).
If you want to use Generic Stream Encapsulation (GSE, DVB Bluebook 
A116), this currently is a problem, because GSE runs natively over DVB-S2
(i.e. without TS), using what is known as a Generic (Continues) Stream. 
(1) Most DVB-S2 cards (targeting at the broadcast market) only support 
TS compatibility mode, i.e. TS output
(2) Currently, there's no Generic Stream- or BBFrame software interface 
defined in Linux-DVB.

However, a GSE implementation is available in the new dvb-net module, if 
you're interested (http://www.cosy.sbg.ac.at/~cpraehaus/dvb-net.shtml).
I admit, its currently not very useful, but as soon as we've the 
interfaces (hard- and software) for running DVB-S2 natively, IP over DVB 
with GSE
will be possible with the dvb-net module.


Igor Nikanov schrieb:
> Hi
> does dvbnet can work with dvb-s2 cards ?
> Igor
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