[linux-dvb] dvbloop - A virtual DVB adapter

Luc Brosens dvb at bsc-bvba.be
Sun Nov 25 08:44:29 CET 2007

Christian Prähauser wrote:
> Hello Jean!
> Thanks for the hint. The server is now back online!
> Cheers,
> Christian.
> Jean-Claude Repetto schrieb:
>> Christian Praehauser wrote :
>>> I wrote a Linux kernel module which provides one or more virtual DVB 
>>> adapters. When loaded, it creates a char device of the form 
>>> /dev/dvbloop<num> for every virtual DVB adapter. All Transport Stream 
>>> packets written to a char device will be delivered on the
>>> corresponding virtual DVB adapter.
>>> You can get the sources at http://cpn.dyndns.org/projects/dvbloop.shtml.
>> Hello,
>> This site seems to be down. Can I download this module from another 
>> site, or is there another way to send a file containing a TS stream to 
>> the DVB drivers ?
>> Thanks,
>> Jean-Claude


would this enable me to descramble a recording made without a CAM ? I have two cards, but of course only the single CAM, and would like to be able to
store recordings without unscrambling using the card-without-CAM and afterwards descramble them using the CAM (which of course is fully paid for and
entitles me to do this)

by the way, the site is down again
if you want, you can send me the sources by mail
I'd also be happy to host the sources for you on my website, if you want



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