[linux-dvb] dvbloop - A virtual DVB adapter

Christian Prähauser cpraehaus at cosy.sbg.ac.at
Sun Nov 25 17:15:04 CET 2007

Steven Toth wrote:
>>>>> I wrote a Linux kernel module which provides one or more virtual 
>>>>> DVB adapters. When loaded, it creates a char device of the form 
>>>>> /dev/dvbloop<num> for every virtual DVB adapter. All Transport 
>>>>> Stream packets written to a char device will be delivered on the
>>>>> corresponding virtual DVB adapter.
>>>>> You can get the sources at 
>>>>> http://cpn.dyndns.org/projects/dvbloop.shtml.
>>>> Hello,
>>>> This site seems to be down. Can I download this module from another 
>>>> site, or is there another way to send a file containing a TS stream 
>>>> to the DVB drivers ?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Jean-Claude
>> Christian,
>> would this enable me to descramble a recording made without a CAM ? I 
>> have two cards, but of course only the single CAM, and would like to 
>> be able to
>> store recordings without unscrambling using the card-without-CAM and 
>> afterwards descramble them using the CAM (which of course is fully 
>> paid for and
>> entitles me to do this)
>> by the way, the site is down again
>> if you want, you can send me the sources by mail
>> I'd also be happy to host the sources for you on my website, if you want
> Mauro,
> Exposing an input to the kernel demux via userspace doesn't sound like 
> a bad idea. It would certainly allow developers to build DVB/ATSC 
> applications without having access to live feeds, instead using canned 
> loops provided by who-ever.
> Any reason why this feature (not necessarily this specific patch) 
> couldn't be part of the regular v4l-dvb tree?
> - Steve
Hello Steve!

If desired, I could provide an updated version of dvbloop (with a few 
bugfixes and adaptations to current kernel/v4ldvb version) during the 
next days.


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