[linux-dvb] dvbloop - A virtual DVB adapter

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Sun Nov 25 17:34:44 CET 2007

Christian Prähauser wrote:
> Steven Toth wrote:
>> Exposing an input to the kernel demux via userspace doesn't sound like 
>> a bad idea. It would certainly allow developers to build DVB/ATSC 
>> applications without having access to live feeds, instead using canned 
>> loops provided by who-ever.
>> Any reason why this feature (not necessarily this specific patch) 
>> couldn't be part of the regular v4l-dvb tree?
>> - Steve
> Hello Steve!
> If desired, I could provide an updated version of dvbloop (with a few 
> bugfixes and adaptations to current kernel/v4ldvb version) during the 
> next days.

I would actually love to see such a thing merged into the kernel.  Please do post your patch -- I hope that others would agree with me, and would like to see this functionality added to the kernel.  :-)



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