[linux-dvb] AF9015 Driver (USB)

Diego diego at envigo.net
Sun Nov 25 12:26:26 CET 2007

Yep hangs when got errors in picture but its rare...

About changing channels perhaps its that (low signal) because some channels change fast
and others no, then display some picture errors but after few seconds the image its
fine, i experience video freeze too (no audio freeze) sometimes but perhaps its the same
problem with weak signal.

On boot up if i have the dvbt plugged that load driver but not work. 
"klear" says can't open dvb display.

I apply the patch agains agains v4l, perhaps i make something wrong on patch the kernel
2.6.22 but seems that not the problem.

Adjunt the two dmesg after patch v4l:
dvb plugged on boot (not work)
dvb attached after boot (work)
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