[linux-dvb] dvbloop - A virtual DVB adapter

Deti Fliegl deti at fliegl.de
Mon Nov 26 18:06:05 CET 2007

Hi There,

you can get an improved version of Christian's dvbloop driver via 
subversion from

svn co http://svn.baycom.de/repos/dvbloop

There improvements are:

- dynamic dvb creation of up to 8 devices
- frontend support:
-- event driven pass through of all satellite and frontend parameters
-- setting of signal strength, snr, ber, ucblocks pass through

- demuxer access support:
-- event driven access to PID list

- conditional access (CA) support:
-- Message queuing pass through for CA messages
-- event driven pass through of CA ioctls

I will continue to add more features to this driver. Other developers 
are welcome.


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