[linux-dvb] freecom DVB hangs keyboard and bulk message failed errors

Kevin Robson kevin_robson at london.com
Tue Nov 27 22:17:53 CET 2007

I'm using a revision 3 Freecom DVB stick on Suse 10.2 with mythtv
(firmware dvb-usb-wt220u-fc03.fw)
The device registers and recieves TV fine.

However, after an undetermined amount of time the keyboard almost stops
working and becomes very sluggish. In /var/log/messages I get repeating
errors for
kernel: dvb-usb: bulk message failed: -110 (1/0)
In one night I had 22000 of these.

If I pull out the stick all is immediatly well again with the keyboard.
The messages keep coming for a while after, but the device can be plugged
in again and works fine.

During the period of the keyboard hangs top shows nothing out of the
ordinary, and apps not requiring the keyboard seem to work in the
background. I'm assuming it is some sort of interrupt causing problems.

I have now installed on suse 10.3 to see if that was any better and it is
the same.

Has anyone any idea why this is happening and how to resolve? What do the
errors mean - can they be ignored and if so how do I stop the device
logging them to /var/log/messages?

Thanks in advance

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