[linux-dvb] Initial tuning file fi-3KTV DVB-C

Antti Palosaari crope at iki.fi
Wed Nov 28 00:46:44 CET 2007

Christoph Pfister wrote:
> 2007/11/22, Antti Palosaari <crope at iki.fi>:
>> hei
>> I got current channel list from operator and make & update files against
>> it. New tuning files attached. There is also list I got from the operator.
>> List of all 3KTV networks and proper tuning file:
>> operator reference channels fi-3KTV
>> Lahti fi-Lahti
>> Kuopio fi-Kuopio
>> Oulu fi-Oulu (same channels as old fi-Oulu, only cosmetic changes)
>> Lohja fi-Lohja
>> Savonlinna fi-3KTV
>> Mikkeli fi-3KTV
>> Iisalmi fi-Iisalmi
>> Kajaani fi-3KTV
>> Ylivieska fi-3KTV
>> Salo fi-Salo (replace existing with this one)
>> Raisio fi-3KTV
>> Laitila fi-Laitila
>> Rauma fi-3KTV (old can be removed totally from dvb-apps, uses reference
>> channels)
>> Pori fi-3KTV
>> Karjaa fi-3KTV
>> Virrat fi-3KTV
>> Kotka fi-Kotka
>> Parainen fi-Parainen
>> regards
>> Antti
> The proposed splitting is a bit problematic, because you have specific
> entries and a "fallback" (maybe cause some confusion among users). And
> it is hard to check as I _quite_ soon realised.

"fallbacks" ?
I just added one intial tuning file containing reference channels used 
by most networks and added own tuning files for cases where it was 
deviated from reference one.

> As you have all the necessary information in one table I decided to
> create a single file containing every case (it isn't the smallest one,
> I know, but within the limits and quite easy to review and maintain).

Thats ok for me.

> Thank you very much for your effort!
> Christoph


>> Antti Palosaari wrote:
>>> Christoph Pfister wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> (sorry for the late reply)
>>> no problem :)
>>>> Am Dienstag 13 November 2007 schrieb Antti Palosaari:
>>>>> hello
>>>>> There is file containing reference channels used in 3KTV networks around
>>>>> the Finland. There is about 20 3KTV networks but all didn't use exactly
>>>>> same channel list for reason or other.
>>>>> Now there is fi-Rauma and fi-Salo that contains same channels, should
>>>>> those removed?
>>>> If 3KTV is the provider meant with those files, yes. If it's
>>>> just "coincidence" that a different provider uses the same initial params, no
>>>> (to ensure that you can adjust stuff independently when something changes in
>>>> future). Afair fi-Salo contains the network operated by SSP (Salon Seudun
>>>> puhelin), so as long as that isn't the same as 3KTV (due to a renaming etc
>>>> etc) fi-Salo shouldn't be removed. Dunno about fi-Rauma ...
>>> hmm, that whole 3KTV / Finnet / local operators situation wasn't clear
>>> for me some time back, thats why I send fi-Salo...
>>> * 3KTV is cable network operator owned by Finnet.
>>> * Finnet is union of the few local operators
>>> * SSP, Salo, is local operator
>>> * Lännen Puhelin, Rauma, is local operator
>>> * Oulun Puhelin, Oulu, is local operator
>>> I am not sure how it exactly goes, but I think local networks are owned
>>> by local operators, but channel feed (and reference settings) are coming
>>> from 3KTV. Most local operators uses just those reference channel maps
>>> given by 3KTV. But there is still some who not, from reason or other.
>>> Looks like Oulu, Kuopio, Lohja and Kotka are deviating from 3KTV
>>> reference settings. From this situation, correct way to do this is
>>> adding files for fi-3KTV, fi-Oulu, fi-Kuopio, fi-Lohja and fi-Kotka. I
>>> think I will make and send initial tuning files for these missing ones
>>> using channel map that differs from the reference.
>>> There is old and very readable channel map for clarify this situation:
>>> http://www.lumonetti.fi/export/download/kanavanippujen_taajuudet310806.PDF
>>> And if this is not fuzzy enough, I can say that for example Oulun
>>> Puhelin and Lännen Puhelin are not members of the Finnet anymore... They
>>>   and some more just left Finnet union and are now known as dna.
>>> Regards
>>> Antti Palosaari
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>> http://palosaari.fi
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