[linux-dvb] Difference between budget-ci and budget-av

Per Olofsson pelle at dsv.su.se
Thu Nov 29 11:01:02 CET 2007


Hong Yin Lim wrote:
> Can someone be kind enough to explain the difference between the
> budget-ci.ko & budget-av.ko file under the kernel/drivers/media/dvb/ttpci/ ?

They are drivers for different cards. budget-ci is the driver for Technotrend
C1500 among others. budget-av is used for e.g. KNC1.

> Currently, I am using the Technotrend C1500 card to capture TS modulated
> using QAM 256. When I load budget-av (modprobe budget-av), the card is
> not detected. In contrast, when I load budget-ci, the card gets detected
> & the dvbstream software works. But the TS captured from the dvbstream
> contains a lot of errors when viewed using VLC.

This is because of a bug in the driver. It might work if you upgrade the driver
to the latest version, which has a fix for the QAM 256 problem. However, if your
card has two antenna connectors, it might not work anyway because of a different
problem (which I have too).


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