[linux-dvb] RE : linux-dvb and Dektec [was: DVB API update]

Wolfgang Wegner wolfgang at leila.ping.de
Wed Oct 3 23:35:53 CEST 2007


On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 04:42:20PM +0200, Thierry Lelegard wrote:
> IMHO, the Linux DVB framework serves two main purposes:
> - Common API for the zillions of DVB-S/C/T adapters
> - Common frontend for TV watching programs such as Myth et al.
> Dektec products address the market of professional & test
> lab applications using ASI input/output, QPSK/QAM/OFDM modulators
> output.
> They address separate needs, separate usage.

it depends.

I think there is at least one usage case where one might want to
have the DekTec card integrated into the linux-dvb driver framework,
which already has been mentioned: us the existing linux-dvb applications
with it!
Especially dvbsnoop is a very helpful tool for some cases.

I definitely want to start another "war" about which functionality should
be in the kernel and which not, but IMHO the usage is not as separate as you

Best regards,

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