[linux-dvb] compiling is broken

Trent Piepho xyzzy at speakeasy.org
Thu Oct 4 04:26:56 CEST 2007

On Thu, 4 Oct 2007, hermann pitton wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, den 03.10.2007, 22:59 +0200 schrieb e9hack:
> > this changset:
> >
> > Fix Kconfig dependency
> > author	Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab at infradead.org>
> > 	Tue Oct 02 11:16:16 2007 -0300 (30 hours ago)
> > changeset 6260	48badb1df2ed
> >
> > breaks compiling. I get the following error:
> >
> > /usr/src/v4l-dvb/v4l/saa7134-dvb.c:415: error: 'struct saa7134_dev' has no member named
> > 'original_demod_sleep'

That patch (in combination with some others) renamed the config variable

Some code, like saa7134.h, was not updated and is still looking at

There is a script I wrote called check_config_defines.pl that should find
stuff like this, but in this case it misses it.  The kernel source defines
CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB since it has all the old code in it, so it doesn't appear
to be missing.  I fixed the script so it uses the v4l-dvb Kconfig replace the
corresponding kernel files, as opposed to be combined when them.  Now it finds
the errors:
Unknown config CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB in linux/drivers/media/video/cx23885/cx23885.h:31
Unknown config CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB in linux/drivers/media/video/cx88/cx88-i2c.c:156
Unknown config CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB in linux/drivers/media/video/cx88/cx88.h:34
Unknown config CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB in linux/drivers/media/video/cx88/cx88.h:320
Unknown config CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB in linux/drivers/media/video/cx88/cx88.h:494
Unknown config CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB in linux/drivers/media/video/saa7134/saa7134.h:51
Unknown config CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB in linux/drivers/media/video/saa7134/saa7134.h:562

I wonder if instead of changing these to CONFIG_VIDEOBUF_DVB, it would be
better to use CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7134_DVB, CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_DVB, etc.

One could always have a cx88 card with DVB and a saa7134 card without dvb.

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