[linux-dvb] RE : linux-dvb and Dektec [was: DVB API update]

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 17:16:34 CEST 2007

Felix Domke wrote:
> Andrea Venturi wrote:
>> - the PowerPc SoC inside some DVB SET TOP BOX as Dreambox and the 
>> DGStation CubeCafe (Vulcan and Pallas)
>> they do have actually a linux kernel running on the powerpc core but the 
>> decoding API are a bit "home made" and binary too (maybe thing are 
>> changing..)
> The PowerPC-based Dreamboxes still use the old DVB-API (its initial 
> drivers predate the change to the new API, and never followed it), 
> whereas the newer Dreamboxes (DM7025 and the hopefully upcoming DM8000) 
> are using the current API. (There was also an effort to build new 
> Pallas/Vulcan APIv3 drivers as GPL, but this had to be pulled for legal 
> reasons. Those drivers were never complete, though.)

A while back i had asked Amino communications for the driver/kernel sources, 
when their STB wasn't able to do MPTS properly. The reply i got was pay up $50,000
and you get the sources.


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