[linux-dvb] Medion Quad(ro) - first tries on DVB-S

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Fri Oct 5 04:15:00 CEST 2007


since yesterday I got my dirty ;) fingers on a used double saa7131e
Medion Quadro and got it up for the first PCI bridge in an MSI orange
PCI slot on some nforce3 AMD stuff.

Analog TV, noticeable worse than on my prior Asus P7131e Dual, works.
DVB-T too, also with significant loss compared to the Asus.

One can enable _some sort_ of radio, but obviously the 5.5MHz filter is
missing to get it through sound IF processing on the saa7131e.

All three known LNA configs don't improve any reception.

Now, the hybrid analog/DVB-T tda8275a tuner at 0x60 is behind the bridge
of the tda8290 analog IF demodulator, which is at 0x96 within the
saa7131e on that device(s).

I'm currently using the attached patch, since tests revealed, that the
DVB-S driver can't find anything, except on 0x60 too, for the tda826x
behind the i2c bridge of the tda10086.

I don't have _any_ DVB-S equipment, nada, also far away from caring
about any diseqc stuff right now.

The card should be able to support analog TV and DVB-S at once.
Of course DVB-T and DVB-S can only be used at once on either of the two
PCI bridges, have only one visible ...

The following happens.

DVB-S seems to be fine.

If I start an analog TV app like xawtv-3.95, I can switch analog
channels during szap is running. With szap I also seem to be able to
change DVB-S to anything at the same time.

If I quit xawtv analog during szap is running and restart it then, the
tda8290 and tda8275a get doomed/lost and only a cold reboot brings them

On tvtime, even only analog channel changes have the same result within
short time, also the picture is affected on every refresh of szap.

Without any sat equipment, what is going on and why no errors
previously ...


xawtv analog restart during szap running and tvtime switching channels
then also attached.

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