[linux-dvb] Wishlist: Support for Samsung SMT-7020S in cx88 -Patch available

Wilken Haase Hibbelharry at gmx.de
Mon Oct 8 01:53:53 CEST 2007

Hello List,
I own a Samsung SMT-7020S DVB-S Receiver which originally runs an 
embedded Operating System from a Software Monpolist which runs in fact 
like crap. The Hardware is a nice little 733Mhz PC with everything 
needed to run linux on it, which is nice. The Box has an internal dvb-s 
receiver unit which can be driven by the cx88 drivers. I think there 
have been some requests for driver support before, but I would like to 
refresh the question because a working patch is available. I haven't 
done the work so no credits for me, the original developers are some 
forum members in a forum dedicated to the box.

Link to the Patch:

If someone can take a look at this and maybe integrate it into the 
driver this would make a lot of people including me very happy.

Greetings from Bremen, Nothern Germany
Wilken Haase

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