[linux-dvb] [RFC-final] videobuf tree

Mauro Carvalho Chehab mchehab at infradead.org
Mon Oct 8 12:05:08 CEST 2007

> For now, let me give a quick explanation of the basics of videobuf.
> ---
(part 2)

As you know, the original author of videobuf is Gerd. At the changes I
did, I've tried to preserve, as much as possible, the code outside
videobuf without changes(*).

(*) This is also true for the binary code that videobuf-core +
videobuf_dma_sg executes: It is almost the same as the original
videobuf, but separated into two separate modules, with distinct

a) The first one is about the inherited videobuf_buffer class at each

The approach used on videobuf is somehow different from what other parts
of the Linux Kernel does. For this to work, the first part of a
videobuf_buffer inherited code should do:

cx23885_buffer {
	struct videbuf_buffer;


Otherwise, the videobuf code will fail.

IMO, it would be better to use container_of as you suggested, but this
would mean rewrite more code at the drivers, and do more tests.

b) The destructor used to free videobuf_buffer memory is just kfree. So,
all memory for the entire class should be allocated with just one
kmalloc. The memory model is something like:

struct derivated_class {
	struct cx23885_buffer {
		struct videobuf_buffer;
		// cx23885 own data
	// dma s/g own data

So, videobuf_pci_malloc do something like:

	buf=kmalloc (sizeof(struct derivated_class), GFP_KERNEL);

To free a videobuf, you just need to do:

	free (buf);


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