[linux-dvb] Off Topic: questioning Btty Gallery's operations

chazim chazim at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 11 04:24:49 CEST 2007

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Hi guys,
Sorry, I miffed, and, more than a little confused here.
When I first subscribed to this list, Gunther at 
<mailto:gmy at gmx.org>"Btty Gallery", was the first to request photos,
and, information be posted to him at gmy at gmx.org <mailto:gmy at gmx.org> , 
he said would be posted on his site.
So, I sent TBS Q-Box's information in, and, requested further help on it 
It's now been over 6 months, he's to post the first picture, Though I've 
now sent it to his site 4 times.
I've just sent it again, and, still no posting. Is the guy on strike or 
Guy's, the V4L list seems to be getting new units posted, what's the 
deal here?
Where's the motivation or, how can you write software for a unit that no 
ones seen, or, is unknown?
As to the help request. Supposedly, the modules are out there, in V4L 
kernel, but, I have no idea how to get them working,
and no one has the time to direct me to site that can.
I've been here for over 6 months, optimistic that sooner, or, later it 
will come to pass.


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