[linux-dvb] RE : DiB0700 device report

Laz laz at club-burniston.co.uk
Thu Oct 11 12:39:25 CEST 2007

On Thursday 11 Oct 2007, Thierry Lelegard wrote:
> > Bizarrely, my system has been running with no problems for about a
> > week without any problems at all! When I initially updated to the new
> > modules and firmware, I had a couple of hard lockups in the first day
> > or so. Since then, I have changed nothing...
> Same thing for me. Got one disconnect problem 24H after upgrade, and
> no problem at all since then.
> > I might not have unloaded the firmware fully from the stick before
> > trying the new one by resetting the machine and not disconnecting it
> > physically (although I thought I had)
> Also same doubt: did I really reset the device? I have an Nova T500,
> which is a PCI card. I suppose that rebooting the system without
> powering it off for a few seconds is not enough to force a firmware
> reload.
> I am sure to have rebooted the system after driver and firmware
> upgrade, but did I switched the system off, I now have a doubt. I am
> sure, however, to have switched it off after the last problem and I
> have no more problem.

I definitely made sure I powered my system off the first time: I have both 
a Nova-T 500 PCI card and a USB2 Nova-T. With the USB device, a reload 
can be forced by unplugging it during a reboot: the PCI one will, no 
doubt, need a full power down for a reload to happen.

I did ask on here a while back whether it was possible to force a device 
to reload its firmware without powering down but got no response. I don't 
think it's possible at present.



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