[linux-dvb] Future of Multiproto

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 13:30:43 CEST 2007

Marcel Siegert wrote:
> hi,
> can everybody _please_ stop this unnessessary discussion?
> manu, nobody is playing politics in the moment,
> not johannes, not steven, not anyone else.

What was discussed yesterday was that, if you don't do what i write, 
i'll just take your code nevertheless as it is.

> maybe sometimes it is hard to understand what people want to
> say if you have all the "bad" past in mind.
> what was said in coherence to your multiproto api change is just as
> simple as follows:
> please state if you are ready to merge multiproto to the main
> repository, whatever way it will take into.
> steven has got a ready driver, that demonstrated your api is fine and
> works,
> you have got your stb0899 driver "nearly" done, and also beside some
> small problems due to the device, its also proven working.
> if there is something missing from dvb-s2 specs that is not needed to
> actually watch tv, dont take any care on that to prevent multiproto to
> be merged.
> we can get rid of _all_ the momentary stupid discussions if you are
> ready to merge it.

I am ready, but waiting for a final acknowledgement, that's what it is. If someone 
would like to find offending changesets, that can be done in the meantime. 
If that's done, i will do the cleanups for the same, such that it can go in.

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