[linux-dvb] Anysee E30C Plus (Re: DVB-C developers interested in receiving an USB adapter for hacking?)]

Heikki Brotkin heikki.brotkin at iki.fi
Sat Oct 13 15:20:48 CEST 2007

Antti Palosaari wrote:
> morjens
> Here comes the second test version. It has now remote control support. 
> My next plan is to fix TDA10023 issue correctly. After that I will try 
> to add Anysee DVB-T support also. All Anysee devices seems to be 
> rather similar (demod & tuner of course differs).
> - put required TDA10023 options configurable
> - add Anysee E30 DVB-T device support
> - add Common Interface (CI) support
> - fixes overall
> Please test and report whether or not it works.
> Regards,
> Antti

Hi Antti + list,

First of all thanks of the work you all have been doing.

I just tried your version of the Anysee driver on my E30 DVB-T card. I 
have understood that it works for some people. According to my 
experiments it seems that my device does not have mt352 but zl10353 
module. Frontend was missing during the first tests. I did some crude 
hacks to the anysee.c file (practically switching mt352 to zl10353) and 
managed to make my card work.

It's most likely not a big task to make it work on both versions but I 
think it's better that it's done by someone who has done changes before. 
I'm happy to give testing and other support if needed. There is some 
Finnish discussion going on on Finnish Ubuntu forum.


I attach the hacked file in case someone wants to try it out.

Best Regards,

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