[linux-dvb] [Bulk] Re: Off Topic: questioning Btty Gallery's operations

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Mon Oct 15 00:05:04 CEST 2007

chazim wrote:
> Is there any reason he's apparently been posting V4L list boards, and,
> not boards listed through Linux-dvb list? 

No idea. I don't know when he last updated his website, though, I don't
think he has any bias against info from either list

> Again, hoping Gunther saw that, and, would start maintaining his site
> again. I mean, the list has to find the units it writes support for
> from somewhere, what motivates them to choose to write support for one
> unit over another is a mystery. So, maybe his site acts as a visual
> aid, for both lists. As much as for the end result, which should
> useful to aid end user ability to choose boards that aren't factor-x.
> But, in the long run, since this units information has been available
> all this time, why does this units status remain as an unsupported
> device status? 

Gunther's site, I can assure you, is not a catalyst for device driver

In addition, I think perhaps you have a misconception about the number
of people providing development. To be clear, there are very few.
Consequently, there should be no mystery surrounding the motivation to
write device support --- as such motivation could probably be summarized
as follows:
- having an interest in doing so ... perhaps based upon personal
ownership of the device or just the general enjoyment/challenge of the
- ease of adding support .... both in terms of coding complexity and the
time required
- and occasionally through contract

By in large, "interest in doing so" stands out amongst the others. If
there were a greater pool of developers, it stands to chance that there
would be a wider base of interest and, hence, a greater amount of
devices that end up being supported.

> since this units information has been available all this time, why
> does this units status remain as an unsupported device status? I can
> plug my Technisat SS2 PCI into my Linux machine, and Myth, VDR or,
> Kaffiene can pick it up, and, I can play with it (and it too has the
> stb0299 tuner). 

While the fact that two devices (one supported, the other not) have the
same components can be of great assistance to the development of support
for the latter device, it still does not guarantee that such support is
easily obtained. There may be factors which are dissimilar between the
devices (i.e. firmware, GPIO etc).

Second, developing support for a device not in personal personal
possession can be rather difficult. You'll have to find a developer who
is willing to work with you under such conditions....or, take that
initiative yourself.

> It starts to look like the lists politics, is steering end users
> towards a narrow range of chipsets, or, products from one geographical
> location. By what's being supported and what's not, it looks like
> political bias or graff. Euro stuff gets support, Asian stuff gets
> very little.

There is no bias. What you are observing is solely a consequence of what
I discussed earlier:

- There are few developers.
- these few developers work on things which interest them personally

Find Asian developers with interest in such devices, and you'll likely
find support will follow. Otherwise, it isn't going to appear on its own....

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