[linux-dvb] support from cx23885 driver and Xc3028 tuner for HP/Hauppauge WinTv885 mod 77001

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Mon Oct 15 14:21:09 CEST 2007

aldebaran wrote:

> Dear linux-dvb developers,
> owning an HP rebranded Hauppauge Express Card shipped with several 
> mid-high end HP laptops I would like to give you some support in 
> further improving cx23885 driver for it to support those tuners.
> here are my card specs:
> HP Hauppauge WinTv 885
> model 77001 rev d4c0 (Model 77xxx Analog/ATSC Hybrid, Xc3028)
> tuner: Xceive xc3028 http://www.xceive.com/technology_XC3028.htm
> audio tuner: stereo cx23885
> decoder: cx23885 http://www.conexant.com/products/entry.jsp?id=393
> - insmod cx23885 manages to create a /dev/dvb device folder only if 
> arguments card=3 or card=4 are supplied
> - despite the card being recognized with such arguments I cannot 
> manage to use Kaffeine DVB support as although kaffeine -w recognises 
> the card, it cannot scan for any available channels ('scan on' 
> dropdown menu is empty, clicking 'Start Scan' button does not list 
> anything)
> - also with Klear, provided a channel.conf, the program cannot tune to 
> any channel and outputs the same error as the scan command from 
> dvb-utils:
> "WARNING: frontend type (ATSC) is not compatible with requested tuning 
> type (OFDM) ERROR: initial tuning failed"
> - the device is not hot-plug recognized, I had to reboot before the 
> system can actually recognize it (however both express card specs and 
> windows support plung&play).
> Any other help I could provide you with debugging/testing these cards 
> I would be pleased to, just ask.
> Thank you very very much for pioneering dvb video support for 
> gnu/linux, I really appreciate your efforts.

It would be helpful to see the output of 'modprobe cx23885 i2c_scan=1' , 
after first doing 'modprobe -r cx23885' -- I have this card also, and 
I'd like to make sure that we have the same revision.

I started working on this one, but I've been held up due to firmware 
issues--  So far, the working ATSC linux drivers for the xc3028 have all 
worked when coupled with an LGDT3303 demod.  In your device, we have a 
Samsung demodulator, instead.  The xc3028 requires a different firmware 
image in this case, and I haven't yet found time to work that out.

I'd expect to have the details sorted within the next month or so, but I 
don't want to make any promises.



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