[linux-dvb] Strage SkyStar HD modprobe

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 21:44:43 CEST 2007

Reinhard Nissl wrote:
> Hi,

> Hmm, the driver loads successfully here. But I'm not sure about the
> changes. The device identified itself as release 2, as it did just
> before reloading the newly compiled driver.

Also can you check whether the demodulator is getting extremely hot ? 
This might not be applicable, but sometime back i was the first to face 
this by burning my fingers after which the demodulator never worked as 
expected. results were very weird that time.

I guess the the back paddle (the STB0899 sinks the heat on to the PCB, 
there is a metal flange at the backside of the STB0899, which is soldered 
on to the PCB, through the thermal via's. If the soldering is bad, then also 
the demod get's too hot. if it get's too hot, it behaves weird)

Read on, there is a comment from STM on this, check this as well.

> stb0899_get_dev_id: ID reg=[0x82]
> stb0899_get_dev_id: Device ID=[8], Release=[2]
> It may take several weeks of normal use before I can report success or
> failure. This is my current distribution of Release:
>       1 stb0899_get_dev_id: Device ID=[15], Release=[11]
>       1 stb0899_get_dev_id: Device ID=[1], Release=[6]
>      29 stb0899_get_dev_id: Device ID=[8], Release=[1]
>      19 stb0899_get_dev_id: Device ID=[8], Release=[2]
>       1 stb0899_get_dev_id: Device ID=[8], Release=[7]

Looks fscke'd. bah. Looks like I2C transaction failures.

Do you see any errors like this ?

"Read error, Reg=[0x%02x], Status=%d",


anything like that ?

> Compared to my earlier report, Release=[2] has increased by 3.
> BTW: the RTL transponder tuning issue hasn't improved here.

Sounds strange. Let's look at all the options 1 by one

Do you have any of those V4L devices which do a probe ? 
Some demods are very sensitive to such things. if so try removing 
all such cards. I have seen such nasty experiences on other hardware 
as well. Please check whether it holds true.

Does your card work fine with the windows driver, or does it 
exhibit the same problems there as well ?

This was another suggestion by Peter (STM):

"Check the back paddle is properly soldered.  Generally this can be done by
pushing the IC down with your fingers."

Do this physical straining only if you are sure that you are facing the same 
with the windows driver as well.

(Head is spinning now, strange indeed what you see)


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