[linux-dvb] DVB-S2 Multiple logical TS on the same frequency

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 22:54:57 CEST 2007

Francesco Schiavarelli wrote:
> Manu Abraham wrote:
>> I heard from 2 sources, that there is some momentum for MTS, I would 
>> like to know, based on what criteria your question originated.
>> Manu
> Apart from the fact that I'm curious like a cat :-)
> I'd like to receive and analyze the following transponder
> 5.0° W txp Kb6 freq 11678 SR 27500 8PSK 3/5
> that I know for sure it contains 2x24.128Mbps DVB-T multiplexes.

I guess it uses FEC short Frames and a Rolloff of 20%.
Currently we use FEC normal frames and a Rolloff of 35%. I will check on this though.

In the specification it is defined thus:

7.1 Distribution of multiple MPEG multiplexes to Digital Terrestrial TV Transmitters

Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is being introduced in many countries in the world. 
One of the possible solutions to distribute the MPEG streams to the digital terrestrial 
transmitters is via satellite. Current systems are based on DVB-S, allowing the 
transmission of a single MPEG multiplex per signal. The result is that, for the 
distribution of n MPEG multiplexes, n carriers per transponder should be transmitted, 
requiring a large HPA OBO. Alternatively, n transponders must be used, or 
remultiplexing performed at each transmitting site. The adoption of DVB-S2 could 
allow the distribution of multiple MPEG multiplexes using a single carrier per 
transponder configuration, thus optimizing the power efficiency by saturating the 
satellite HPA.

It looks like a DSNG profile, some uplinks as far as i can guess.

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