[linux-dvb] Should I buy Aver Express Card tuner

Zdenek Kabelac zdenek.kabelac at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 11:10:43 CEST 2007


I'm planing to buy something to watch DVB-T & Anaglog TV and eventually FM radio
for my Lenovo T61 laptop, I've find few devices - but the most interesting for
me is  this  "AVerTV Hybrid Express"


I can see that lately some developers managed to get Cardbus version almost
working - can I expect it would work also for the ExpressCard version - or
is this a completely different 'monster' ?

I could eventually write few lines of code in some places so  I do not afraid
of doing some modification in devices - however I definitely can't write
a support for a new chips and such things (lack of spare time)

So is there anyone who already started to work on support for this device ?
Would I be alone in trying to make it working ?
Or should I go for some USB stick instead ?

Is the ExpressCard versoin more efficient ?

I liked my older Aver TVCapture PCI card in my older computer - where it
has no CPU consumption while watching TV - can I expect similar behavior
with express card where the whole decoding would be handled by
card - or will I get only DVB-T stream just as from USB stick
and everything would have to be decoded in CPU ?

Thanks for your answers


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