[linux-dvb] New Card - Pinnacle PCTV HD

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Fri Oct 19 22:16:01 CEST 2007

James Klaas wrote:
> Woot had a Pinnacle PCTV HD Card for sale and I decided to get one as
> the price was good ($50).  I was hoping to find out what it would take
> to get this card running under Linux.

LOL. Repeating myself today --- had a conversation about this very card
on IRC earlier.

> the tuner is the xc3028 ...I can provide more details and the Windows .inf file if that will help

It doesn't use the xc3028, rather, as suspected, it uses the newer
xc5000 ... had the owner on IRC confirm from the Window's .inf file (you
want to look for info on the 800i).

xc5000 is currently not supported. Hopefully in near future. And then,
hopefully device level support won't be too hard to arrange (as the
card's other components are supported -- cx88, samsung demod).

One thing you could do is identify the audio ADC being used. Its
situated on the face of the PCB, below the tuner module and to the right
of the S-Video input, right beside a quatz oscillator.

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