[linux-dvb] Diseqc not working on TT3200 running multiproto (5891)

Mario Smit mario.smit at tiscali.nl
Sun Oct 21 00:10:27 CEST 2007


I was running the latest multiproto (5891) tree of Manu. The version
around 8 October worked great, the current one has big problems for me.

So I started to find out why. I discovered that when I first tune a
Sirius channel and then an Astra 19.2 channel on my 4 satellite setup,
getting a lock on for example ZDF works all the time. If I tune from
Astra to Astra I never get a lock.

I think this has to do with the patch introduced in rev 5875. So I
reverted back to 5874 and I am now able to tune like I did before (LOCK
9 out of 10).

Think DISEQC patch 5875 and 5876 introduce other problems.

Best regards,


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