[linux-dvb] Tuning/locking problems with PCTV 2000e

Jami Pekkanen jami.pekkanen at tkk.fi
Mon Oct 22 19:26:21 CEST 2007


I bought a Pinnacle PCTV 2000e USB dual tuner stick (usbid 2304:022c) to 
use with Linux. From linuxtv.org wiki I got information that it has 
following chips: DiB7700P, Dib 7000P, 2 * MT2266.

It seems that there's some problems with the dual tuning features: my 
"first device" (/dev/dvb/adapter0) works fine with one multiplex 
(Finnish YLE), but can't change to another multiplex (Finnish MTV3 etc), 
mythtv says that it gets "partial lock". The another tuner (adapter1) 
can tune to both multiplexes, but the when tuned to the same than 
adapter0, the result is quite bad: lots of artifacts etc. For the other 
multiplex it works fine. Also the behavior is always this way, at least 
  adapter0 seems to be stuck in the same multiplex.

The same/similar behavior can be noticed also when manually tuning with 
tzap and taking the data straight from /dev/dvb/adapter*/dvr0.

Also, when I'm trying to get channels using dvbscan, the multiplex I 
can't tune into gives:

	WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0011
	WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0000
	WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0010

when using adapter0, but adapter1 gives all multiplexes fine.

I also have a third multiplex which both tuners can lock to, but the 
same problems persist even if neither of the tuners are tuned to same 

Dmesg doesn't have any extra messages regarding neither DVB nor USB. I'm 
using driver compiled from the Mercurial repository retrieved today 
(22.10.2007) on kernel 2.6.22-14-rt (same occurs also with non-realtime 

- Jami Pekkanen

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