[linux-dvb] Pinnacle PCTV Sat HDTV Pro USB (PCTV452e)

Dominik Kuhlen dkuhlen at gmx.net
Thu Oct 25 01:05:42 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 24 October 2007 01:42, garlicdevel at ntlworld.com wrote:
> I've been working on one of these myself
> but you've beat me to it :)
> I was in the middle up updating the init registers on the Sunday when I spotted this mail on the list
> still I might have some useful info / input
> to begin with I started out by writing a perl script to decode the output from usbsnoop for the 452e while using the win driver
> (it's the first time I've written something in perl so it's a bit crude)
> I've put it up here http://homepage.ntlworld.com/garlicbread/Projects/452e/USBsnoop_parse.tar.bz2
> you just need to unpack / copy the usbsnoop.log into the extracted directory and run "./452e.1.pl | less"
> this should give a nice colorful output on the console as to what's going on
> but be aware it doesn't always name the stb0899 registers properly because it doesn't yet take account of offsets
> still the registers are set in the same order they're seen in the data structures so it's easy to figure out what's being set
> note I wouldn't use it with any logs over 100Mb otherwise it'll eat your memory :)
> for the results I've had with the mentioned patch above
> with the dish pointed at Astra-28.2E
> using a patched version of szap
> or mplayer dvb://BBC1
> with kernel 2.6.23
> I've got a motor and a meter hooked in line with the dish so I can check for power on the line
> without the right tuning info the power to the LNB flicks on for half a second at a time repeatedly until stopped
> with the correct tuning info (I'm using "BBC1:10773:v:0:22000:5000:5002:6301" in channels.conf)
> the power stays on and is constant with the correct polarity setting
> this suggests it is tuning
> but there's no visible power output reading from szap, or mpeg output from mplayer
> so I'm not sure what needs looking at next
> Next I've noticed that you've used the old stb0899 repo hg clone http://linuxtv.org/hg/~manu/stb0899
> For info I've spotted a newer repo over here http://jusst.de/hg/multiproto/ (spotted in one of manu's mails about multiproto)
> but I think the older driver could be better at the moment as with the newer driver the device doesn't appear to initialize for the stb0899
hmm, i have checked both and they don't differ.

> also I hope you don't mind
> but I took some of the changes and combined it with the driver I've been working with
> http://homepage.ntlworld.com/garlicbread/Projects/452e/patches/
> 1. lnbp22.patch -  this is from the patch above, it's better than the one I'd setup so I've left this as is
> 2. pctv452e_initreg.patch - separate header file containing the registers to be sent to the device on init
> I think this is more up to date because it's based off the usbsnoop logs with the win driver
> but I need to give it one more final sanity check to be sure
you are "initialising" STB0899_DISFIFO in line 51 with 0x00.
this byte will be sent out after frontend_init() on the first diseqc command.

> 3. stb0899_tstrs3.patch - minor change to one of the registers I've spotted while trailing through the usb logs
> 4. stb0899_misc.patch - changes you've made to the stb0899 driver (originally part of the above patch)
> 3. pctv452e_main.patch - a combination of the above driver and some code I've been working with
> it's basically a slightly changed version of the more recent ttusb driver
> with bits of code from the above patch (remote control especially, this does work with evtest)
> the newer budget driver in manu's tree (another func added for the stb6100) with some other bits
> at this point the results are the same (meter lights up but not much else)
> so I can't say if this is better or worse at this point
> although I've noticed the LED is staying at orange when it should be going green in both cases, which suggests the GPIO register isn't being set when it should
right, the stb0899 driver has no gpio set/unset API call so i left this out.
> quick question has anyone managed to get any kind of visible video output from the device at this point?
I think you mean someone else except me ;)
I tried to tune all transponders I get at my single-cable installation and it looks like
the cable is "hard-wired" to astra 19.2e high band horizontal. 
I tried all transponders and had no tuning failures and  could at least read the PMT for each service and
get the SDT. since this a budget card the other pids should work as well.

> I'm wondering if the mpeg stream settings (for the iso transfer) need tweaking (I'm not sure if the endpoint or some other setting is set correct)
I haven't tried to keep one transponder running for more than a couple of minutes but i had no failures so far.

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