[linux-dvb] XC5000/XC3028 tuner dvb support? (an apology)

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Fri Oct 26 05:34:32 CEST 2007

Am Mittwoch, den 24.10.2007, 10:00 -0400 schrieb James Klaas:
> I apologize, Markus, for making that rather rude comment.  But, from a
> user's perspective the split between you and the rest of the v4l/dvb
> community is extrordinarily frustrating and my comment reflects that.
> I think both sides are responsible for the split to varying degrees.
> Your work has been invaluable to many people including myself, but I
> think pulling your code down so abruptly has caused a pretty big loss
> in goodwill and respect, even from some of your supporters.
> I have also become a little uneasy with some aspects of this split.
> It appears to my untrained eye, Markus, that you still depend quite a
> bit on the dvb/v4l community to provide a working structure for your
> code and for users to provide information on various hardware.  This
> is not to belittle your amazing work, but it seems odd that (it
> appears) you depend so much on the community you've so roundly
> criticised.
> In all, it wouldn't be so frustrating for the users who depend on both
> projects if they got along in the kernel at the same time.  Obviously,
> I'm not sure this is practicable, or even possible, but that would
> alleviate some of the tension.
> James
> On 10/24/07, Markus Rechberger <mrechberger at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >
> > >
> >
> > "since Marcus has taken his toys and gone home so to speak"
> >
> > if anything important is missing there let me know. several
> > repositories have been made available before I went for a trip to
> > sweden.
> >
> > Markus
> >


I know you as a strong GNU/Linux supporter since many years.

Markus did a great job, not the slightest doubt!

But to say it would have been easy somehow, maybe some other ways round,
is also not true. He did run in some stuff not caused by him at all.

So he decided to break out, take it over, oh well, finally needs some
others still in the long run.

Can't point to anyone specifically, but we can't continue to hold the
v4l maintainer responsible for it.


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