[linux-dvb] Poor reception with tuners but fine on regular DTV??

Dom H speedsix.lists at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 28 10:52:23 CET 2007

Dual pci Nova-T's, Ubuntu Gutsy.

Just moved house recently, set my machine up and reception was very
poor on a particular multiplex (the itv ch4 one) I assumed I'd need to
rescan as maybe I need to be tuning to a different transmitter now.
Did a full scan with MythTV but still poor reception and ITV missing.
Tried a scan with dvb-utils 'scan uk-Mendip' and got the same result.

I assumed the reception in this area was poor but I took the aerial
out of the pc and plugged it into my lcd dtv and the reception was
fine and it found all channels with a full signal strength (mythtv
reports 20-25% strength)

I was on mendip transmitter previously, moved further north to Bristol
area and it still seems to be tuning to mendip(same freqs) and not the
closer but weaker Kings Weston transmitter. I assume doing a full scan
in myth would just choose the strongest signals or do I need to
specify I want some mplexs from one transmitter and the others from

Any advice greatly appreciated as I'm a bit stuck. Obviously it's not
my aerial feed as my regular tv is fine.



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