[linux-dvb] linuxtv.org fell in the blacklists trap

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Tue Oct 30 17:41:25 CET 2007

[resending because I was also kicked off the list, so sorry for the, 
mmmmh, spam, but it's not my fault]

In a misguided attempt to curb spam, someone at linuxtv.org decided to
use the sorbs blacklist.
Like most other blacklists out there, it is *not* accurate in its
listings, in fact it listed my *static* ip address (with a rDNS that
clearly indicates that is *static*) as a dynamic one. (besides, I
don't think discriminating small, legitimate, servers for the type of
address is a good idea, though I can understand that someone could think
so without realizing the full consequences).
This is the second times it happens in a few months, they have delisted
me (again), but in the meanwhile I lost possibly some interesting
messages[*]. Other blackists are even worse, since they don't even
listen to you, I'll concede that to sorbs, still, the concept is a
flawed one.
I suppose I'm not the only one in this situation, and it's extremely
annoying when you find that you cannot communicate effectively because
someone decided to use some random blacklist, hence I think than
blacklists (and moreso those using them) are part of the problem, not
part of the solution, I'll even say that are evil, since they block more
legitimate mail than spam. Please reconsider the decision of using
blacklists, *any* blacklist, no matter how well maintained they are,
they *will* from time to time block innocent bystanters (like me or you).
You can tell me I should use my ISP mail server instead of my own, but
that's like telling me not to write my own drivers and to just use
windows or macos, where "qualified" professionals already did the job
for me.
If you decide to go on relying on blacklists, at least use the one
listing confirmed sources of spam, not the broader one using arbitrary
and flawed criteria (like all supposedly dynamic/residential/adsl
addresses, or all the ip from china, etc.).

[*]since I don't accept mail from addresses that won't accept
mine[**], I wasn't receiving any mail from linuxtv.org. At first I
thought things were strangely quiet, but then I saw in my logs the sorbs
error messages.

[**] this is the only way for the other party to know that their isp is
blocking legitimate email (thrugh the bounce message).


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