[linux-dvb] Driver for USB ISDB-T 1-Seg

Mauro Carvalho Chehab mchehab at infradead.org
Sun Sep 2 02:42:05 CEST 2007

Hi Patrick,

Em Dom, 2007-08-26 às 18:27 +0200, Patrick Boettcher escreveu:

> Obviously you are from Brasil. What is your current status in your country 
> about DTV?
As Carlos said, the commercial transmissions start at the end of this

>  How much did they modified Japan's ISDB-T implementation? In 
> which flavour it is/will be used in Brasil? Will it be encrypted only? 

The current definitions by the technical committee are not to allow the
usage of encrypted transmissions (apparently, this is the position of
the most relevant broadcasters). However, there are some pressure to
support encryption. AFAIK, the final decision were not taken yet.

The Japanese specs will be used for modulation and streaming. There are
some intentions to use MPEG4 for video encryption, as an option (the
Japanese std currently defines only MPEG2, AFAIK). The remaining changes
for the Brazilian variant are on higher layers, basically focused on
user interactivity. From Kernel driver POV, I doubt that those
differences would be noticeable.


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