[linux-dvb] Twinhan 1034 question

Abylai Ospan aospan at netup.ru
Sun Sep 2 09:34:54 CEST 2007

Hello !

I have gentoo linux with kernel.org stock kernel 2.6.20 and I have
compiled and installed v4l source from
http://jusst.de/manu/mantis-v4l-dvb.tar.bz2  dated 01-Apr-2007 17:46

After 'modprobe mantis' I'v see in dmesg:

ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:02:03.0[A] -> GSI 23 (level, low) -> IRQ 19
irq: 19, latency: 32
 memory: 0xfbfff000, mmio: 0xf8826000
found a VP-1034 PCI DVB-S/DSS device on (02:03.0),
    Mantis Rev 1 [1822:0014], irq: 19, latency: 32
    memory: 0xfbfff000, mmio: 0xf8826000
    MAC Address=[00:08:ca:1a:a3:68]
mantis_alloc_buffers (0): DMA=0x301f0000 cpu=0xf01f0000 size=65536
mantis_alloc_buffers (0): RISC=0x377af000 cpu=0xf77af000 size=1000
DVB: registering new adapter (Mantis dvb adapter).
mantis_frontend_init (0): Probing for MB86A16 (DVB-S/DSS)
mantis_frontend_init (0): found MB86A16 DVB-S/DSS frontend @0x08
DVB: registering frontend 0 (Fujitsu MB86A16 DVB-S)...

and /dev/dvb/adapter0/ tree is created. It's looks like card correctly
But I don't see /dev/dvb/adapter0/ca0 for CI module. Is this driver
supports Twinhan 1034 CI interface ?
May be some repository with newer version is available ?
Thanks !

Abylai Ospan <aospan at netup.ru>
NetUP Inc.
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