[linux-dvb] How to support ULE encapsulation in dreambox DM500S?

Christian Praehauser cpraehaus at cosy.sbg.ac.at
Mon Sep 3 10:13:50 CEST 2007

Mohdjoseph Awaemat wrote:
> Hello!
>         I have Dreambox DM500S so I want use it to receive data with ULE and MPE encapsulation.
>         Anyone know how I can do that? about demux code to add..
>                Thanks...
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MPE and ULE support is already available in 2.6 kernels.
What you need is the dvbnet tool from the dvb-apps repository.
Then, you basically do something like

> dvbnet -p 512

to receive an MPE stream on PID 512, or

> dvbnet -U -p 512

to do the same for a ULE stream. 
You should get a network interface named 'dvb0_0', where the data of the configured stream
is delivered on. 


> dvbnet -l 

you get a list of all configured DVB network interfaces.

Interfaces are removed by calling dvbnet with the '-d' option

> dvbnet -d X

where X is the number of the DVB network interface that should be removed.


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