[linux-dvb] PowerCAM.Pro and AstonCrypt module

Guillaume Marçais guillaume at marcais.net
Mon Sep 3 15:58:13 CEST 2007

I have a PowerCAM.Pro CAM module, attached to a TechnoTrend budget
S1500, and it does not seem to work with linuxtv. When it is plugged
in, I do not get anything, even scan returns only timeouts. If the
common interface is unplugged, then scan returns over 1400 channels.
So there seem to be some sort of an incompatibility.

The CAM module that I should have come with the pack I bought is an
AstonCrypt Dual. Does this CAM module work with linuxtv?


OS: XUbuntu Feisty Fawn
Provider: CanalSat

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