[linux-dvb] DVB streaming buffering

Evan Stergiou evangelos.stergiou at fileas.com
Thu Sep 6 16:28:42 CEST 2007

Hello. I have a kinda difficult problem here
so I appreciate any input.

I am using a PC sat receiver with skystar2 and m-audio (pci audio card).
I play streaming satellite radio using mplayer and arts.
I need arts in order to easily mix audio files stored locally and satellite 

All this works just fine. However, when the satellite reception is not good 
over some period of time
and gets back to good, I always have a delay (buffering) of 5-10 seconds on 
the streaming radio
as compared to a Neta.

My tests showed that mplayer is the culprit and not arts, since I have the 
problem even without arts.
I also modified the size of the buffer in the 
but the problem persists.

Moreover, when I cut sat reception for a long period (say 5-10 minutes), 
mplayer hangs and the streaming audio
does not restores itself when I restart mplayer having reconnected the sat 
reception beforehand.

The reason I write to this forum and not to a mplayer forum is that it seams 
to be a underlying problem since
I have to unload b2c2 drivers and reload them in order for mplayer to start 
working again.
Also the buffering could be in the linuxtv drivers.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Evan Stergiou

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