[linux-dvb] Asys P7131 Hybrid: DVB out of range

Andreas Oberritter obi at linuxtv.org
Thu Sep 6 19:09:59 CEST 2007

Hello Johannes,

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> 	Since  strtol()  can  legitimately  return  0, LONG_MAX, or
> 	LONG_MIN (LLONG_MAX or LLONG_MIN for str‐ toll()) on both
> 	success and failure, the calling program should set errno to 0
> 	before the  call,  and then determine if an error occurred by
> 	checking whether errno has a non-zero value after the call.
> I think your patch is buggy, because errno is not guaranteed
> to be reset to zero after successful calls (see the errno manpage).

Right. Here's an updated patch.

@Manu: I am using hg anonymously and I don't even know whether I have
write access or not. It would be nice if you can commit it.

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